Is All Love Equal?

In his second inaugural address President Obama spoke about love. He said that our nation’s journey for equality “is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law – for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”

 Now catch those two words, “equality,” and “love.”  Who could be against such universal desires of the human heart?  Only if you went to some extreme Muslim country like Dagestan, Iran and now Mali would you find   such bigotry. But in the same breath who seriously believes what the President said in his inaugural speech; then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”

If all love is equal then why didn’t the President make the obvious point that Polygamy is ok? Multitudes of people like Warren Jeffs, who got his pick of the litter, think so; yet he is now serving a life sentence in jail. Polygamists like Jeff claim to be able to love many married woman at the same time without showing preference over one for the other; and his wives claim that they loved each other and were not jealous of one another.

If all love is equal what about the man who loves someone Underage. We have all heard the drama stories of mature men who have run off with underage girls whom they wanted to marry because they said they loved them and their love was consensual.  One of the President’s favorite mantras is, “Let me be clear …” therefore he should be clear as to where his ridiculous statement about all love being equal will take us.

We have all heard stories of men who loved a woman so much that because he couldn’t have her killed her so that nobody else could have her. So much for the silly statement that,  all love is equal.

Why is Not All Love Equal?

All love is not equal because some loves are harmful; they are just plain unhealthy; they destroy lives.
And so is the homosexual lifestyle and the evidence to this is endless.  God does not forbid that which is good for us or for society but only that which is self-destructive and harmful to society.  Some of the health perils include increases in AIDS and STDs, hepatitis, colon and rectal cancer. Lesbian women are at much greater risks for cervical cancers, bacterial vaginosis, and the list goes on.

As crude as it may sound let me say it as scrupulously as I can; the homosexual behavior itself is disgusting. . No one who is thoughtful can possibly believe that something as unnatural as the act of a man placing that part of his body which was designed to project life into that part of another man’s body meant to expel toxic death could possibly be a healthy lifestyle under any circumstances.

I could go on and mention the many negative social consequences of homosexual behavior, but that’s for another day. Nevertheless, nothing serves the argument better than to make the simplest of comparisons. Think of it, if everyone were faithfully committed to natural marriage, the end result would be a dramatic reduction in the welfare rolls, the crime rate, the number of abortions, and the instances of child abuse would be drastically reduced; there would be millions more tax payers.  In the white community 30% of children live in fatherless homes, in the black community it’s  an incredible 75%; and we all know what they means to  our staggering national debt. But if everyone were committed faithfully to same-sex marriage, it would ultimately mean the end of the human race. Granted, all relationships would never become homosexual, but the illustration is only meant to clearly show that all “love” is not “equal” – all love is not equally beneficial to society.

The purpose of government is to help make our culture, our society a better stronger place to lead us to a greater good,   President Obama is not only mocking 2000 years of Christianity, but is poking his finger into the eye of five thousand of years of recorded  history that shows the downward path of  homosexuality has always led to self-destruction

Is this to say the “love” homosexuals share is not real? Absolutely not! Nonetheless, it is meant to contend that not only is every love not equal, but sometimes what we say is “love” can be an inverted or perverted form of love that is detrimental. Adultery is wrong! Incest is wrong! Pedophilia is wrong! Polygamy is wrong! And yes, homosexuality is wrong! No matter how much one contends that it is love and that it feels right – it’s still morally wrong and injurious!

That’s  Something To Pray About!

Pastor Bryant