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A Complete Teaching of Psalms 1-25

The  Psalms are eternal and experiential. They vibrate with the very heart strings of the human soul. They take you up to the highest heights and  down to the deepest depths of life’s experiences.  In the Psalms  you see life from both sides; from  the song of the soul set free,  to the sigh of the saint  in the deepest of despair. But here  is one of the many  beauties of the Psalms, they never leave you where they find you.  They give you hope in the valley of despair,  divine promise to hold on to when all other promises have failed you. Even when tragedy  is swaying  all around you they remind you that the best is yet to be. Why they are the most read of all sixty-six books of the Bible? Because hope springs eternal in the human breast.

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Dr. Robert Bryant

Pastor Robert  Bryant has served  in the ministry for approximately forty years. He left home at the age of nineteen to follow through on a promising boxing career. He meet some friends at the  YMCA who invited him out to a Youth for Christ meeting. After attending the weekly meetings for some six months he committed his life to Christ. 

Pastor Bryant has pastored four different Churches and considers himself an Evangelical-Pentecostal-Arminian-Dispensational-Preacher and now writer


The Best Is Yet To Be!

– Dr. Robert Bryant

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Psalms 26-50

A Complete Teaching of Psalms 25 – 50

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Reliable ?

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