About Robert Bryant

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My Story

Pastor Robert  Bryant has served  in the ministry for approximately forty years. He left home at the age of nineteen to follow through on a promising boxing career. He meet some friends at the  YMCA who invited him out to a Youth for Christ meeting. After attending the weekly meetings for some six months he committed his life to Christ. He soon became youth leader his  local church and saw  considerable growth in the youth department.  He was the Graduation speaker after  his three-years  of Bible College training and afterwards went on to earn his Doctorate degree.  He married at age twenty-five. He  and his wife Virginia have four children who are all devout followers of Christ.

Pastor Bryant has pastored four different Churches and considers himself an Evangelical-Pentecostal-Arminian-Dispensational-Preacher and now writer. While in college he      inadvertently wrote an article for a magazine and to his utter surprise won first prize. Now that he is retired he is devoting his time and energy to  full time Christian writing.  He has an avid love for baseball which  he plays twice a week and can still hit the 300-foot fences. 

His Motto: “The Best Is Yet To Be!”


The best is yet to be.

– DR. Robert bryant