If you were to visit the country of Belgium: you would find on one of its most important bridges, two bronze statues, representing the mutual love of a father and son.  Ages ago, because of political strife, both father and son were condemned to die, by the axe man’s blade.  However these two people were so popular, that no executioner could be found.  Finally a solution was offered by the rulers.  One would have his life spared, if he would be willing to be the executioner of the other.

After much thought, the proposal was accepted.  In doing so, at least one life would be spared.  The son then urged his father to accept the terms.  He could die happy, knowing, that his father’s life, at least, had been spared.  The father would not agree.  He urged his son to perform the ghastly deed.  Finally, by earnest pleading and entreaty, the son consented.  He would have to kill his own father.  When the day of execution came, the square was jammed with people.  The scene was grim and spine chilling.  There in the middle of the throng of people, was the scaffold, with its block and broad-axe.  Then the father and son were brought in.  The elderly man knelt down, placing his head on the block, to wait the final stroke of his son.  The son, with pale face and wild look, seized the axe, lifted it above his head, and with trembling hand, was ready to bring it down.  Then in a split-second, he threw it away, fell to his father’s knees and shouted, “NO! WE DIE TOGETHER, WE DIE TOGETHER.”  The crowd looking on, rushed in, and subdued the wicked rulers.  This is a true and touching story!

But I know of another story, far more profound than this, that happened to God the Father, and God the Son, on a hill called Calvary, 2000 years ago.  Can you see Jesus, God’s only Son, in your minds eye today, hanging on the cross of Calvary, suffering and bleeding and dying,  for you.?

What is the first thing, this scene of Calvary tells us?  It tells us first of all, that God loves the sinner.  I k now that God the Father loves the sinner because He gave His only Son to die for sinners like you and I.  I know that the Son of God loves the sinner, because Christ wept over their perishing cities, washed their feet, prayed for the forgiveness of their sins, and climbed a hill called Calvary, and died there and why did He do it?  That you might see for yourself, that God loves you!

Secondly, Calvary tells us that God hates sin:  At Calvary, we do not see God as a benevolent, loving Father, but as an offended Judge, who is so Holy, that He must judge sin.  My friend your sin must be judged.

 Thirdly,  Calvary tells us that God saves sinners.  One of the thieves, dying beside Christ, confessed his guilt, and cried out to Christ for mercy: and right there and then, Jesus saved him from His sins.  And from that moment on, right down to this very hour, millions of others have come, and are still coming; to know, that Calvary means, God will save sinners, who cry out to Him for forgiveness, from their sins.

And lastly, Calvary means, God will judge sinners:-  The Bible says:  “HOW SHALL WE ESCAPE, IF WE NEGLECT SO GREAT SALVATION.”  God offers you and I Salvation right now! If we refuse, He will judge us, for our refusal.  If you have never received Christ as your Savior, it means, that although God loves you, and that God saves sinners, He will be forced to judge you, because you have not accepted Him, in your heart, as your own personal Savior from sin.

 Calvary is the place, where you may come with your perdition and receive Christ’s pardon.  Where you may come with your guilt and receive Christ’s Grace, where you may come with your sorrow and receive Christ’s Joy.  Where Christ died that you might live, Where Christ as forsaken, that you and I might never be forsaken.  Calvary is he place, where your hope, and my hope, and the hope of the whole world, is centered.

BY FAITH, BY FAITH, Have you ever climbed that Hill called Calvary, and knelt at the foot of the old Rugged Cross, and asked Christ to forgive you, your sins?  If not, why don’t you do so today; right at this very moment.  Jesus says: “HE THAT COMETH UNTO ME, I WILL IN NO WISE CAST OUT.”  My friend, you’re a sinner, I’m a sinner, all men are sinners.  The Bible says so:  “But Calvary covers it all., my life with its sin and shame, my guilt and despair, Jesus dealt with it there and Calvary covers it all.”  The Blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son, which was shed on Calvary’s Cross, cleanseth us from all sin.

Regardless of where you are:  right now, I invite you to accept this Christ of Calvary into your heart, and make Him your own personal Savior from sin.  It’s all important, that you do so.  He’s only a prayer away.  Though millions have come, there‘s still room for one, there is room at the Cross for you.  My friend, you don’t know anything, until you know the Love of God!

 He’s Only A Prayer Away,

 Pastor Bob