Part 4 of 5

The question arises; What is the main thing that the Islamists are resisting? It is not our Western Culture for they migrate to the West in droves, because it is freer, more prosperous than their own place of origin. Here they are allowed to have their own communities, schools, and mosques. What is the driving force that causes them to hate? It is one main thing, they are taught by their Imams to hate the Jew, to hate Israel.
It is a spiritual thing. It is a diabolical hatred. As a Christian I believe that Satan knows that his defeat will come thorough the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ. Jesus prophesied that he would return to this earth for the second time, and all the world will convert to him. (cf. Isaiah 66: 8-10; Zechariah 12:9-13) This second time it will not be to die for our sins but to rule and reign over the world from Jerusalem, the new capital of Israel. Consequently, Satan is doing all he can to stop that from happening. A Jewish nation, a Jewish Messian universally and eternally ruling from Jerusalem means his demise.

Hamas and Hezbollah and many other antisemitic organizations are coming out of the shadows and declaring their to the death hatred of Israel. They have unfurled their flags and said, we do not care so much for our people we want to exterminate Israel.

Their diabolical mind set reminds you of Napoleon who said, “A man like me troubles himself little about a million men.” So, Hamas terrorists can cross a border and violently kill a thousand men and women and children and even babies in the most contemptible manner and back it up by quoting verses from their holy Koran. The answer is that this generation of Muslims have had this hatred instilled into their minds from their Hamas school days. Knowing the above it is ridiculous for politicians to talk about a two-state solution. Islam’s ideal is one state and that ruled by the iron hand of Sharia law that governs the aspects of everyday life from your cradle to your grave.

President Carter (1977- 1981) with all good intentions believed that if we shared the wealth equally with the rest of the world we would get along peacefully. Time proved that utopian idea as fallacious a two-state Israel bringing peace to the Middle East.

President George W Bush’s (2001-2009) had equally good intentions. His solution to peace in the Middle East as a two-state solution was as stupid as stupid is. If Israel would give up land, they will have peace in return from the Muslims. They did not understand Islam’s driving theology of world domination. It was as useless as a contract made with the devil. Looking back to 2005, he brokered a deal where Israel would pull out of the Gaza Strip, which was the breadbasket of the Middle East at that time. Most of us have seen the heart-rending videos of Jews being forced out of their homes, all done in the name of land for peace. We now know how that worked out.

Hamas over the next fifteen years built over 300 miles of underground tunnels hoping to invade the rest of Israel. Who can but wonder if the $13-billion dollars wasted to build tunnels to store ammunition and kill innocent people was used to irrigate more farmland, build new factories, and seaports what standard of living the Gazans might have twenty years later. Instead, Hamas got into power and turned Gaza into a launching pad for shooting missiles into Israel. The new nation became poorer and poorer as they destroyed the fertile farmland that was once rich and prosperous. Toda, much of Gaza looks like a rock quarry.
The next Question is, Will this war turn into a Gog and Magog war? I do not think so. Personally, I am waiting for the day when Russia, Iran, Turkey Sudan and Libya make an alliance of evil and pounce on unsuspecting Israel again. That has not happened yet, but it is prophesied to happen (Ezekiel Chapters 38-39).

Like a juggernaut they will try to crush her once and for all as a most pestilent nation. That will be the Gog and Magog war. This in my opinion will happen before the Great Tribulation strikes the earth. After the Gog Magog war there will be a time of peace. Sometime after this fiasco that will destroy the antisemitic Muslin nations the antichrist will gather all the remaining nations of the world against Israel, and no one will stand with her. However, one with God is a majority. And again, God will stand alone with Israel. And again, against all human odds God shall come to Israel’s aid and this Armageddon war will be the war to end all wars (Revelation 14:20; Isaiah 2:4).

Hear the repeated irony of history, Hear the inconvenient truth of selfish spiritually blind politicians. Too many conveniently forget their election promises. When the Bush administration leaned heavily upon Isael to give the Gaza strip to the Palestinians, they made the promise that they would stand with them and not allow terrorists to take over Gaza. The promise rang like a cracked bell. Once Hamas got into power the two state, 2005 solution collapsed like the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between Hitler and Stalin.
The moneys given to the Gazans were used by its antisemitic Hamas leaders to build 3oo miles of tunnels and store weapons of war for the collapse of Israel the welfare of the average Palestinian was not even in the mix. The idle promise that Gaza could become a small, prosperous modern-day Singapore, instead became a 1929 Wall Street disaster. It is another modern-day example of the spiritually blind leading the spiritually blind with both fall into the ditch.

World peace makers we look at you now! We look at your $13-billion-dollar investment. We look at the College and University campuses around the world crying for revenge against Israel for defending itself. If Mexico invaded a little part of the USA, would we be deluded by signing such a deal?


Dr. Robert Bryant