Islamic leaders say the Quran is written in perfect Arabic and must be read in Arabic to fully appreciate its beauty, style, and accuracy. How strange this sounds when you consider that the original format of the Quran was skeletal, containing only consonants, containing no vowels. It contained no diacritical marks above and below certain letters. No fatah (ah), no dhammah (oo), no kasrah (ii), only consonants (RASM). Of the twenty-eight Arabic letters, six do not need vowels, but the other twenty-two need diacritical marks (dots). That is a lot of dots, and each mark becomes extremely important to support the claim of Infallibility.

Remember that the boast of Islam is that the Quran is infallible to the smallest dot. One missing dot becomes a kill shot to this claim. One hole will eventually send a bucket, a ship to the bottom of the dark sea of forgetfulness. The Quran has thousands of such holes

How strange that to date we know of thirty-seven different Arabic (Quraish) translations of the Quran. The knotty problem is that most people in seventh century Arabia were illiterate and could not read Arabic, so why write it in that language for all of Islam? Today 85% of Islamists do not read Arabic meaning that only 15% of the general Islamic population in this 21st century can read Arabic, so why Arabic. The simple answer is that the Arabians did not have the Quran in their own language and certainly not because it was the superior language of the Hadith 7th century.
Seventh century Arabic was not a sophisticated language. The Greek and Hebrew of scriptures of the seventh century far surpassed it in beauty, style, and depth of expression. The claim made by Islamists that the Quran is a book of literary excellence, superior to all other books is a l-o-n-g – s-t-r-e-t-c-h, (Surah 2:21-23).

On five separate occasions in the Quran, the challenge is made that if you do not believe that the Quran is the Word of God try authoring a book more excellent. The unconquerable truth is that 70% of the Quran is borrowed from other books, from pre-Islamic sources. Even if the Quran’s boast was true a book beautifully written does not mean it is a book inspired by God. Beautiful truths can be magnificently expressed in many Languages. Who would make boast that the beauty and style of Shakespeare in literature, the beauty and style of Mozart in music or the beauty and style of Michelangelo in art means that such men were infallible? There are many infallible phone books.

It is far better to read Psalm 23 before you go to bed tonight than read Surah 109 which is anything but an example of beauty and poetry in motion.
But here is the rock in your shoe that is the most irritating; the truth that Islam’s Iman’s, teachers, and leaders who know better keep their precious people in ignorance by telling them not to listen to honest criticism. Such ignorance is damnable to the souls of its millions of followers.
Surah 4:140, “Already has He sent you Word in the Book, that when ye hear the signs of Allah held in defiance and ridicule, ye are not to sit with them unless they turn to a different theme: if ye did, ye would be like them. For Allah will collect the hypocrites and those who defy faith – all in Hell.”

It is doubtful whether the original Quran was written in Arabic as the Arabic language at that time was not sophisticated enough to do so. The Jews and Christians already had sophisticated languages and their scriptures were already hundreds of years old. Why would God write the Quran in a language that was inferior to Hebrew and Greek? The early Rasm text was extremely basic comprised of eighteen letters without vowels and only consonants.

The first Arabic inscription of Mohammed’s name is not found until AD 691 and the name Muslim until AD 690 of the name Islam until 691 AD., and of the name Mecca until 741 AD.

Stand up to your Iman’s, challenge what they teach you and the truth will set you free! Come over to Jesus, the way, the truth, the life. He is only a prayer away and he will reveal himself to you.

Respectfully Submitted

Robert Bryant