There seems to a contest as to which job is the most stressful. A dentist told me that more dentists commit suicide than in any other profession. A Canadian doctor, who has spent most of his life in the service of a mental institution claims that suicide is almost twice as frequent among psychiatrists, as among other physicians. I’m konfuzed Doc! His analysis is that the psychiatrist, who rules out God and the Bible, feels there is no answer, “to the deepest need of the spirit of man.” Evidently the stress causes a lot of high blood pressure and the therapy candles don’t help a whole lot.

      Humanity Without Hope

Is there really an answer to man’s deepest need? Is there really any hope for man as an individual? Or are we hopeless drifters, aimlessly tossed about on the sea of life?

Regardless as to whether or not the doctor is right about what is the most stressful job, it is true that millions in our world feel about as hopeless as a blown out flame on a candle. The suicide of a young person always gives you a frightening, sickening feeling. So many beautiful lives totally wasted. In too many cases they are completely disillusioned about life. Their hopelessness causes them to fling all restraint to the wind, and turn to drugs crime, lives of gross immortality or to suicide which is a permanent-hopeless solution to a temporary not so hopeless-problem.

There is hope! There is hope for you! You do not need to be a hopeless soul. One of the most pitiful descriptions of the natural-man is given in the Bible. It says, He is  “without Christ…having no hope, and without God in the world.”

Think of it! In the world, without Christ, without God, having no hope! To be without God in the world is to be alone, and without protection in the devil’s territory. This world is really not a safe place to live in without God. And suicide is certainly not the answer. It takes one out of the earthly scene into the realm, where you have to face God as Judge. Instead, you can have Him as your Savior and protector, here and now!

God Is The Only Hope For Man In This World

Thou art my hope, O Lord God cried the Psalmist.
Paul speaks of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is our hope
Colossians 1:27 says: “Christ is the hope of Glory”

Christ as the Anchor of the soul is the one who makes us steadfast and confident. Flee to Christ for the hope of Salvation and everlasting Life. He is your only hope and will not let you down.

There is hope, and a cure, for every life. Your guilt may hound you and haunt you, but there is forgiveness in Christ. The universal problem of guilt is found in the forgiveness of Jesus. The Psychiatrist can usually put his finger on your guilt, but only Christ can forgive you! Psychiatry is good and necessary in its place: but it is not a substitute for the Gospel of Christ.

Too many psychiatrists have abandoned Christ as the answer to sin and its corroding influence it can have on the soul. Like us all they have a fear of cancer which can destroy the body, but they are often blinded to the malignancy of sin, which can destroy the soul.

There Is Hope Even In The Troubled Home:

For that marriage that is heading for the rocks. It does not need to be an unhappy marriage. Did you say: “Love has long since left my home” Don’t give up! It can be revived: your home can be saved. The Bible tells us of how Zacchaeus took Jesus home with him, and said: “This day Salvation is come to thy house” Christ can give you a new marriage partner: not by being divorced and remarried, but by Christ giving them a new heart. When Christ changes your heart He changes your home.  “What’s impossible with man is possible with God.”

I was reading recently about a the great Wesleyan Revival in Great Britain It is said that in one mining town, all the mule drivers at the mine were wondrously converted to Christ. When they went to work the next day, the mules they drove could not work. The reason was that the only language the mules had ever heard from those drivers were vulgar commands. That is how quickly Christ can change a person’s heart and language and home. “If any one be in Christ he becomes a new creation, old things pass away and all things become new.”

And best of all He never turns anyone away; He is the God of hope. He is your hope. Get alone somewhere today, and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and save your soul. He will! Millions have already done so, and you can too!

Christ In Us Is Our Hope Of Glory.”

This is one of my favorite verses. Our only rational expectation is from Him. We have all heard the political campaign promises that are nothing but empty buckets, the advertizing that promises a new life with new cloths, a new brighter smile, a new hair color, a new vacation, a new million dollar body with a new gym set……. but Without Christ in us, we have no well-grounded hope of glory. All the rest is so temporal as it fades away like a desert flower
Christ in the Gospel, Christ on the cross, Christ risen, Christ in Heaven, Christ in us, Christ actually present, living, and reigning in us, as really as He lives and reigns in glory, is the only bedrock and only well-grounded Hope a real Christian has.

This is a truth that you must get a hold of. Try to wrap your soul, your arms, your mind around it. The person who does not spiritually know Christ in this way has absolutely no well-grounded hope. He may hope that he is a Christian. He may hope that his sins are forgiven, that he shall be saved. But he can have no good hope of glory. It cannot be too fully understood, or too deeply realized, that absolute despair of help and salvation in any other possible way, except by Christ in us, is an unalterable condition of our knowing and embracing Christ as our Hope.

Many seem to have conceived of Christ as their hope only in His outward relation, that is, as an atoning Savior, as a risen and ascended Savior, but also as a factual, historical, concrete statistic. The indispensable necessity of having Christ within them, ruling in their hearts and establishing His lordship over their whole being, is a condition of salvation of which they have not thought. Christ cannot be truly and savingly our hope, in any degree further than He is received into, and reigns, in our souls. To hope in merely an outward Christ is to hope in vain. He is a God of relationship, who wants to live in your heart; invite Him in today, right now and begin to Praise Him.

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13
“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you disquieted within me?Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my help and my God.” Psalm 42:5

Here Are Some Helpful Words of Hope From A Third Century Theologian Named Novatian

“What could you possibly say then that would be worthy of Him? He is more sublime than all sublimity, higher than all heights, deeper than all depth, clearer than all light, brighter than all brilliance, more splendid than all splendor, stronger than all strength, mightier than all might, more beautiful than all beauty, truer than all truth, more enduring than all endurance, greater than all majesty, more powerful than all power, richer than all riches, wiser than all wisdom, kinder than all kindness, better than all goodness, juster than all justice, more merciful than all mercy,. Every kind of virtue must of necessity be less than He who is the God and source of everything.”

He is only a prayer Away:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pastor Bob