“What shall it profit a man is beginning the whole world and lose his soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

These are the words of Jesus He is telling us here that in the mathematical realm it is impossible for us to add up the value of a soul. All of the treasures and pleasures of this world poured out into one gigantic pile are not worth your soul. All of the blood shed in all of the terrible world wars of mankind could not pay the value of one soul.

 Jesus didn’t say,” What shall it profit a man if he gained a Palace and lost his soul.” Or if he gained a great city and lost his own soul or became the CEO of a great Corporation or a great syndicate of stores and factories, and airports and automobiles and lost his own soul. But Jesus asked,” What shall it profit a man if he gain the Whole World and lost his or her soul.” How valuable your soul must be.

Now what is the Soul? The soul is you! It is the real you. It is not your body. It is the real you that lives within that body. Your body will die, decay; your soul, that part of you that thinks, reasons, hates, and loves, is the real you. That will live on forever and ever in either heaven or hell. What a horrible thing for a person to lose their soul when Jesus died to save it.

Now Why Did Jesus Say That Our Soul Is Priceless More Valuable Than The Whole World?

Because first of all as a living soul; you were made in the image of God. Man is God’s greatest creation! After God had created the heavens, rolled the planets from his fingertips, flung the stars into space, and prepared the earth for habitation, He said, “Let us make man in our own image after our own likeness.” God never said that about any other being that He created. Is this that puts man about the beasts of the field and the birds of the air and makes them more valuable than the whole world

Secondly, your soul is more valuable than the whole world because it is Eternal. Your soul will never die. That is why it is priceless. We value things on the basis of their Durability. Diamonds are valuable not only because they are rare and beautiful but because they are lasting. Your soul will still live when the sun and stars have grown cold. After the furnace of the Sun has been burned into cinders and the stars have fallen like leaves from a withering, tree, your soul will live on. Yet you may lose your soul, if you’re too proud to bow at the feet of Jesus and ask him to wash your sins away with the blood he shed on Calvary. If you’re too proud to face the scorn and criticism of your friends and relatives, your soul will perish; but think of where you will spend eternity.

Thirdly, you can measure the value of your soul by the price God’s son was willing to pay for it. He was subjected to the most gruesome torture. When his enemies finished with him, his face, the Bible says was” marred more than any man’s.”  They plucked out his beard, crucified him, screamed obscene blasphemies at him. Robed in blood he died in agony and shame that your never-dying soul which is more valuable than the whole world might be saved. That is how valuable your soul is, that part of you which is the real you. It cost the very blood of God’s Son to redeem it.

“He who comes to me I will in no wise cast out,” Jesus says. Don’t delay a moment longer! By faith ask him to come and live in your heart and save your soul from sin and He will.

Remember,” What shall it profit a man, a woman, a young person, if they gain the whole world and lose her own soul.”

That is something to think about!

He’s Only A Prayer Away,

Pastor Bob