Here in  my series of Factoids on Islam I have included a Part III. There are many more that I could lay down, but  this will sufficiently build  the foundation for the house of cards  I shall show you that Islam is built upon.  Foundations are essential things but you cannot build on them if they are built upon quicksand, have a soggy bottom. Such a house will surely   fall when the wind and rains  of hard truth remorsefully beat against it.

  • Like King Ferdinand of Spain who fought for 27 years to free Spain from Islam.
  • Like the closest plot to 9/11/ 2011 was the Guy Fox plot on 5th November 1605.
  • Like the first three of the first four Caliphates were not martyred but murdered.
  • Like the Bible does not say as does the Quran that Adam and Eve lived in Mecca
  • Like if 9- 11 had happened in India or Pakistan a river of blood would have followed.
  • Like there are 6,632 verses in the Quran and 109 of them call for violence and revenge.
  • Like there is strong evidence that Mohammed was not born in Mecca but in Petros.
  • Like 100 years after Mohammed’s death the Muslims tried to conquer Constantinople.
  • Like for every major belief of the Gospels you will find the exact opposite in the Quran.
  • Like Islam was not prophesied about in the Old Testament as the last hope of the world..


  • Like in Islam God is your master and  you are his slave. In Christianity you are a child and God is your Father.
  • Like the first verses of the Quran are found inscribed on the Dome of the Rock in 691 AD.
  • Like the Sermon of the Mount that tells us to love our neighbor cannot be found in the Quran.
  • Like except for the Copts in Egypt, Islam wiped out Christianity is North Africa by 1583 AD.
  • Like Psalm twenty-three that says, “the Lord is my Shepherd” cannot be found in the Quran.
  • Like Mohammed reminds you of Robespierre during the French Revolution. The final solution is “off with their heads,”
  • Like Islam calls Jews and Christians “the People of the Book” because of their reverence for it.
  • Like the question Christianity asks is, why cannot God become a man? There are many instances (theophanies) in scripture where he did so.
  • Like in Islam you are a servant. But Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants but friends” (John 15:15).
  • Like much of the beautiful poetry found in the Quran is not original but  borrowed. It can be found word for word  in earlier Christian Syrian hymns.


  • Like religious books such as the Analects of the Confucians, the Tripitaka of the Buddhists, the Kojiki of the Shinto’s, the Book of Mormon; so, the Quran contains some very moral statements.
  • Like Christians do not pray three or four or five times a day or towards any specific location. Prayer to them is an atmosphere and something  anyone can do  anytime, anywhere and  in any direction.
  • Like Islam fears constructive criticism for the same reason a crook fears the mask being torn from his face.
  • Like there are 220 verse in the Quran that contradict each other. Example: Surah 2:106; 16:101, 225.
  • Like Islamist also read the Quran and memorize it to gain merit points towards their hopeful  salvation on the final judgment day. In Christianity, salvation is by grace and not of works lest any man shall boast.

I have given you a boat load of factoids  which are  fatal to Islam and reasonable person can use to disqualify their claim that the Quran is  perfect, infallible, unchanged, beyond dispute, eternal in the heavens, without one sentence, one word, one dot  altered in the last four hundred years, All this can be done without pointing the finger at Mohammed himself whose claim to fame is that he is  a model of perfection for all to follow.  This challenge we shall take up in future articles.

In the Middle East such a claims can be maintained because to question the Quran or the man Mohammed means the death penalty, swift and sure. Honest Muslims must listen to their Iman’s without questioning them. But here in the West  where human rights such as freedom of speech, assembly and religion are as strictly maintained  such a luxury is not  granted. Here  everything is under scrutiny and must stand upon a foundation of facts and the honest interpretation of those  facts.

Islam today reminds me of the prophet Daniel’s vision  where in a dream he saw a great Image with its head of gold and feet of clay.  (Daniel chapter 2). Islam has its  domes of gold but also its feet of clay. Its feet of clay are being bombarded by the merciless facts of history and geography, archaeology and epistemology; as well as the rising corps of courageous debaters who are forcing  Iman’s to stop talking  and start listening.  You must now prove what you have for so long been telling  everyone to assume.

Next Article we shall look at Allah!