I continue on with my Factoids here in Part II because they are that important to know. Like one can take a deep dive into many of them and come up gasping for air as they are  so unbelievable. I will finish my next article Part III which will be akin to walking through a torture chamber. But alas  these truths just cannot be ignored.  I will put flesh and bones on many of them in future articles and allow you to see what grotesque figures many of them have morphed into in  this modern day.

Here are a few more Factoids about Islam:

  • Like Allah does not appear to people.
  • Like one quarter of the world is Islamic.
  • Like Allah was a Nabataean / Petra god.
  • Like Islam denies the deity of Jesus Christ.
  • Like the power of Islam is its power to enforce.
  • Islam denies the trinitarian belief of Christianity.
  • Like in Islam Becca from Petra became Mecca.
  • Like Mecca is mentioned only once in the Koran.
  • Like in Islam God is not a father, nor a shepherd.
  • Like Fatwa is a law pronounced by a Muslim cleric.
  • Like in the Islamic paradise you will never see God.
  • Like in Islam criticism of Muhammad and the Quran is forbidden.
  • Like the Bible never says that Abraham was in Mecca.
  • Like Islam denies that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
  • Like Allah is not a name; it is a title meaning “The God.
  • Like there are one-hundred- and fifty violent verses in the Quran.
  • Like Mohammed had slaves before he died and so did his successors.
  • Like why is Mary  the only woman mentioned in the Quran? (Surah 3:42)
  • Like the Sunni’s come from the same tribe as Mohammed.
  • Like Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles by a Muslim Arab.


  • Like al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, Suicide Terrorists, Jihad.
  • Like approxamitely 15% of Muslims do not follow the Quran.
  • Like Allah is not an Arabic name it is a Nabatean name from Petra.
  • Like in the Koran there are fifty texts that tell believers to kill unbelievers.
  • Like some in Islam erroneously see the trinity as God- Mary and Jesus.
  • Like what Mohammed did is considered right for all Muslims.
  • Like in Islam 100 lashes for adultery is only for women never for men
  • Like there are 140 sword verses in the Quran (Example, Sura 47: 406).
  • Like in Islam the Blackstone represents the presence of Allah.
  • Like Dante in his Inferno placed Mohammed in the 8th circle of hell.


  • Like Islam even tells you how many stones to use to wipe your derriere
  • Like why does the Quran not mention the father and mother of Mohammed.
  • Like in Islam you do not have to keep your word to an infidel, a non-Muslim.
  • Like in Pakistan it is a capital offense to criticize the Quran and Mohammed.
  • Like stop living in the past, the Crusades ended 800 years ago
  • Like the earliest complete Quran dates to the thirteenth century, 1203
  • Like Mohammed is said to have had 600 visions which became the Quran.
  • Like the sword of Mohammed is proudly displayed in a museum in Turkey.
  • Like if it is true that Allah Made Jesus Virgin born, what purpose did it serve.

That is enough to wrap your brain around for now. In the mean time check out the facts for yourself and form your own opinion.  But stay away from Islam itself,  drinking from is wells may  prove fatal.

Jesus Christ still rings out the promise to us all, “If anyone thirsts, let him come unto Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart shall shall flow rivers of living water.”

to be continued.. Part III