Social Media Predictions 2013

“Present your case,” says the Lord. “Set forth your arguments,” says Jacob’s King.

“Bring in [your idols] to tell us what is going to happen.

Tell us what the former things were, so that we may consider them and know their final outcome.

Or declare to us the things to come, tell us what the future holds, so we may know that you are gods.

Do something, whether good or bad, so that we will be dismayed and filled with fear.

But you are less than nothing and your works are utterly worthless; he who chooses you is detestable (Isaiah 41: 21-24).

Well, my friends, the end of the first month of the new year is right around the corner, and prognosticators from the Whitehouse to your house have been trying to predict where the bouncing ball will bounce next.
In that spirit of guestimates, I thought I’d go back in time to see how the “experts” – the psychics – did in their predictions about the old year, which has now sunken deeply into the chartered sea of history and as we launch out into the uncharted sea of another year.   For the most part they were about as accurate as the Pennsylvania ground hog on Ground Hog Day. The same lesson remains from all the past years, Don’t put the destiny of your soul upon anything the experts say about the future.

For your amusement, what follows is just a sampling:

One psychic said,

* President Obama would trip and fall during the early months of 2012;

* NASA would announce two new planets with possible life forms. One would have water;

* Iran would see a nuclear-related explosion to one of its two reactors this year due to an accident or apparent sabotage;

* An earthquake in Mexico City would destroy most of the city.

Another psychic promised,

* The Republicans would win the presidential election;

* Tiger Woods would win the U.S. Open this year.

Another said,

* Movies would come out of Hollywood that will change and unite the world, creating a vision of oneness and bringing down divisions between countries.

Not bad.  Except that its about 100 percent wrong. Now, to be fair, the psychics did get some things correct. For example, they were on the money when they said there would be terrorist attacks, droughts and floods. Of course, as the old sayings go; “even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut once in a while,” and “a stopped clock is right twice a day,” (but not for very long).

The reality is this: no mere creature knows what tomorrow will bring and all our worrying can’t change things, (see Matthew 6:27) we shouldn’t lose an ounce of sleep about what is inevitable.

So does that mean we should just sit around and do nothing; that we just twiddle our thumbs in idle speculations as events unfurl around us?

Not at all! The Lord wants us to use all the talents He has given us. He wants us to go into the world and make a positive difference for Him.

He wants this New Year tobe an exciting year; 365 days of Him looking over-us; after-us; leading-us; blessing-us; and making-us a blessing to others. Certainly it will be a year of unforeseen circumstances; some joyful and some painful, but we have the assurance that whatever comes our way,  “underneath are His everlasting arms” (Deuteronomy 33:27).

Beware of False Messiahs 

In the year 2012  Rev. Sun Myung Moon, died   at age 92.  Moon was best known for founding the Unification Church and marrying thousands at mass weddings. But we also remember the controversial religious leader as a convicted felon who spent 13 months in federal prison for conspiracy to evade taxes. Moon, inmate number 03835-054, was sentenced to 18 months in custody after a New York City jury convicted him in 1982.

Moon claimed that he met Jesus Christ on a Korean hillside in 1936, and that the Son of God told him that he had been tabbed as the second messiah. Again things haven’t worked out so well regarding his future

Iran is a country that is in the news a lot these days, so here is a fitting illustration right out of their history regarding false messiahs and the future. It is a story about a man considered by the Muslims as the equal of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt rolled into one. His name is Sultan Muhammad ibn Daud. Daud was a great leader. He ruled Iran and  extended his Iranian empire from the Oxus to the Tigress River. His people looked at his as a hero of no equal.  He told his followers that when he died he would come back from the grave and he would return to lead them on to greater conquests. That was 1072. Needless to say he hasn’t showed up yet. They could use him against their many enemies right now; but he hasn’t come back. But what is fascinating is his tomb located in the Mosque of Kuchan in the province of Khorasan at this very day; standing outside that tomb since 1072 there is always a saddled white horse in a state of readiness waiting for him to come to the rescue, but he won’t show. When Columbus discovered America in 1492 his followers had been staging horses out in front of his mosque for 420 years.

It is a tragic thing when folks put their faith in a false messiah, who is dead and who can never save. Still that is what many do when they put their confidence in an individual, in a leader, who must bow before death like all os us who are  mere mortals.

In contrast to the world, Christianity believes in a Savior who was born in Bethlehem, crucified in Jerusalem and buried in a tomb there; but three days later he rose from the dead and his tomb is now empty. Jesus’ resurrection is final-proof, undeniable-proof that we have a special Savior, we have a living Lord, a redeeming Christ to whom we can turn in trials and sorrows

Daud’s tomb is still occupied; and there is white horse outside waiting for him to return. However, there is a white horse in heaven that is ready for our living savior to return upon and that horse will not be waiting in vain  for Jesus will definitely return in glory to set up his kingdom. I trust you’ll be a part of it.

Who knows; this might be the year! “Even so, come Lord Jesus!” (Rev 19:11, 22:20)

The Best Is Yet To Be For The Child Of God.

Pastor Bryant