The Quran makes a claim, that if true, makes it a book above all others, a wonder to behold. It is a book that should always be on the top shelf in every home, encased in a golden-glass chest in every library.   There is no middle ground here, The Quran makes the claim that it is God’s final and best and lasting and holiest and most infallible and most beautifull book ever to be written. It is for all men to read and live by. It claims to have no equal on earth for it is perfectly copied, word for word, sentence  by sentence, thought by thought, dot from the eternal Quran  in heaven (Cf. Surahs 2:87; 3:3; 4:163; 5:46; 6:34,115; 10:64). The claim almost takes your breath away.

The  RASM (pronounced ROS-SIM) is the purest text in Arabic Islam.  The Quran we are told was originally written from a  fifteen letter Arabic alphabet. There were no vowels in the seventh century when the Quran was sent down to Mohammed. This is the text that never changes because it is the preserved text used  in heaven.  Contrary to what some Imams are peddling the  Birmingham Folios  (British Library)  are not from the seventh century and   proof of the preserved Quran. They are  pre-Islamic and from the sixth century  about AD  545  and Mohammed was born in AD 570.

If I had to travel over mountain passes  and through  forests, cross seas and deserts; travel to the other side of the world, I would give up my life savings to buy and hold in my hands such   a book. I would tremble as I held it between my fingers for the first time and dared to turn its first page. As I looked with glazed eyes on such a wonder, I am sure I would feel tears running down my face, I would feel like I was knocking on heaven’s door and wondering  what is the first greatest revelation that will dawn upon me, who will be  the first person  I will meet as its holy pages unfolded  before me like a flower to the sun.

Who would not want to read such a book if you placed it in their hands.  Here you would behold the mind of God. You would learn some of his greatest thoughts and especially what he thinks of you as a creation from his own hands. You would not want to die before you held such a holy book in your  sinful hands. This is the claim of the Quran, This is the claim it makes of itself.  If  its  claim is true, I shall follow it  all the days of my life. I shall pattern my life after it and encourage my children to do so as well.                                                                                                                                                                                          However, if I find that you have lied to me; if I find you have plagiarized it, if I find you have tried to deceive me, I would brand you as the greatest liar that ever lived. I shall from now on call you Beelzebub, the “father of lies;” not the world’s greatest true prophet but the world’s greatest false prophet, a son of Satan.                                                                                                  Why make such a declaratio,  a ‘hill to die on’? Because   if  true, I have everything to gain, If false, I have everything to lose, my soul, my eternal destiny.                                                                                                                                                      What other choice could an honest seeker make. If its claims prove untrue then the book and it author(s) are fit only for the fire.  Even a dumpster is too good for a book that makes the claim to be 100% perfect and upon inspection proves to be 100% imperfect.   To trust in its claims will prove to be as fatal as  King Ahab’s trust in his armor  (I Kings 22:29-40).  It is not worthy of any bookshelf, not worthy of  a moment of a serious seekers  time.                                                                                          Here is the test of truth that not one person can tap dance around; one hole proves the bucket is not leak proof, one error proves a book is not error proof, one lie proves the prophet  is a fake.

We are told that there are  (to this point in time)  six major manuscripts  copied  from the 650 AD Quran. 1. The Topkapi Mushaf, 2.The Sammargand Mushaf, 3. The Ma’il, 4. The Houseini, 5. The Petropolitanus, 6. The San’ta.  But research shows that all six are from the eigth century.                                                                                                                                           We are told that the Quran was completed  in 650 AD. If true, why than  are  all these six copies so late. Why were all the copies earlier than  650 AD all gathered up and burned. If they were inerrant, would it not be sacrilegious to do so.  The nearer the watershed  the purer  the stream. No such manuscripts should have ever been burned. There is only one obvious reason, they all contradicted  each other . You cannot square a circle.                                                                                                       A five year textual study by Muslim scholars proved beyond all reasonable doubt that all six copies are eighth  century and are not in unison with each other. They contain bad spelling, later changes, conflicting theology. None of the six agree word for word, dot for dot, thought for thought. None of the six contain all 114 surahs or chapters.

Scholar Dan Brubaker (PhD) studied ten of the top Qurans and documented  over 1000 corrections in them. You do not change something perfectly sent down from heaven. Within their pages he discovered insertions, removals, overwriting’s, hiding of words. These cold, hard, undeniable,  flat out facts prove  that the Quran was not sent down from heaven. If the 650 AD Quran was the perfect Quran why did these changes continue until the eigth century or  for another 150 + years.

These few fatal  facts, plus a scores more,  deliver the coup-de-grace to the Imams titanic claim that Mohammed is the last  and greatest of  the prophets and that the Quran is the last and greatest revelation to man. So much for the claims of eternal, infallible, unchangeable, sent down, exact (Surah 85:22).                                                                                                        There is only one person who can live up to that claim and it is the personal, living Word of God Himself, Jesus Christ who said, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”  (Matthew 11:28-30).


Dr. Robert Bryant