The World As We Know It Will End In Fire.

A parade is a beautiful thing; it can set the town in a whirl.   But all that bunting and dancing and music with marching bands and flags flying can be dispersed in a matter of minutes when the thunder and lightning and wind and rain join in and crash the parade.  Mother Nature is no respecter of persons, parades or your personal point of view. Mother Nature has suddenly and unexpectedly got   your attention and it’s time to run for the nearest shelter as you realize you’re not the boss around here

Those eyes-in-the-skies experts tell us that some 75 natural disasters have occurred in America just in the last five months. We’ve all seen those TV clips on sink holes and wild fires and tornadoes.  These disasters caused by natural forces rather than by human action remind us of our human frailty. All the might of Abram tanks, aircraft carriers, stealth aircrafts, marching armies are as useless as throwing water balloons at a submarine,  or shooting boiled peas at a tank. When nature flexes its muscles were always out-matched. Wind, fire water, heat, cold, lightening…always have the last word.

       We Have Heard The Cliché Answers Regarding  Natural Disasters.

 It’s, some argue, global warming, it’s the natural cycle of things, it’s because news reporting is much better today and we hear about these events more often. Still, anyone with a little age and experience and willing to carefully consider matters, finds it a bit hard to believe that what’s been occurring of late is merely the natural cycle of things. The succession and intensity of these incidents have rightly caused people to sense something isn’t right in the earth, and the scientific data alone can’t effectively explain the cause.

Interestingly, the Old Testament book of Isaiah which has so much to say about the “last days” before Christ’s final return tells us the main reason why such events are increasing on the earth. These portents are warning shots across the bow of more severe things to come. . The whole 24th chapter forewarns us, as does the last book of the Bible the Book of Revelation what the last days shall be like.   To put it in modern terms the whole planet shall be like the postwar Germany of 1945 a collapsed planet of decay, devastation and death.

Isaiah 24: 4-5 tells us the reason why;

The earth dries up and withers, the world languishes and withers, the heavens languish with the earth. The earth is defiled by its people; they have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting”

Isaiah 17:10, “You have forgotten God your Savior; you have not remembered the Rock, your fortress.”

Jeremiah 2:32, Does a young woman forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments? Yet my people have forgotten me, days without number.”

3:21; “A cry is heard on the barren heights, the weeping and pleading of the people of Israel, because they have perverted their ways and have forgotten the LORD their God.”

13:25, “This is your lot, the portion I have decreed for you,” declares the LORD, “because you have forgotten me and trusted in false gods.”

(See also: Jeremiah 18:15, 23:27; Ezekiel 22:12, 23:35)

 Notice, for it’s as crystal clear as the sound of Gabriel’s trumpet, God doesn’t hesitate for one moment to take the responsibility, of sending his judgment upon a world that has forgotten him.  And as your evil increases so will they increase proportionately. I will do it because I want to get your attention about the way you have forgotten me as if I don’t exist.

Nothing New Under The Sun

Like in the days of Noah most of what I say will be rejected by people to whom God does not exist or feel he has no right to interfere with their life style or should play by their rules and not his own.

One needn’t think the natural disasters take place in a certain area because that place is more wicked than another. However,  the  unusual barrage of climatic catastrophes extended over several decades  ought to be seen as a wake-up call – God’s attempt at getting our attention – the handwriting on the wall that God is ready to judge. God gets no pleasure in afflicting men. He says, “I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.” But if we insist on ignoring his sovereignty over our lives and spurn his law, and exalting our will above his will, then we separate ourselves from the very source of all blessing.
God loves us too much to leave us that way without using whatever means necessary to move our gaze from downward to upward.

In 1787, George Mason, one of the largest plantation owners in Virginia, stated his views on national accountability before the Constitutional Convention:

“As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes national sins, by national calamities.”

The disasters we are seeing take place on the earth are omens of things to come. They are the first waves, the shock waves  before  the tsunami wave (s) that is yet to come. They are disasters of such incredible force to remind us that our civilization is as weak as a child’s house of blocks before God’s  mighty power.  He that has ears to hear let him hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to his church.

The Best Is Yet To Be For The Child Of God.

Pastor Bryant