There is a proverb of the lips of many these days, which goes like this:  “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  This has become the cynical conviction of millions.  We find that social and technical changes do not really change life at its deepest roots.

Redecorate a room in your home.  For the first few weeks, it gives you a lift, to see the bright new paint and wallpaper.  But three months go by, and you become use to it.  Buy another car, at first you say to yourself: “Hey this is really great, the way this car takes those corners, and climbs those hills, the way that transmission operates, it’s really something.  But drive it for awhile, and you soon get use to it.  Perhaps it’s not much different from the older car you had.  Yes! “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

We surely live in a world that is entirely different, from our grandparent’s world.  Transportation and communication have made the world smaller.  We have conveniences, they never dreamed of.  It’s a new world in many ways but haven’t you found yourself wondering occasionally, whether it’s really all that different.  Sure we can travel further faster and all that, but we can eat, just so much each day, and we still need the same amount of sleep, and millions of us are still working, just as hard.  Have things really changed that much?  Are we really that much happier than our grandparents?

We can talk about political changes and social changes, and new ways of city planning, and architecture.  All of these, promise great changes, yet man remains man, he changes not.  His temper remains, his errors persist, he still has the same old fears, sins, and illicit desires.  Life goes on in much the same way, no matter, what great things are happening out there. 

We still have our children to take care of.  The old nagging problems that have troubled young people, as long as we can remember, are still with us.  The old political hassles of wars and rumors of war are still with us.  As the old Proverb we started out with, says:  “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  The more we stay the same.

But there is one thing that changes a person completely, and that is the acceptance of Jesus Christ into the heart.  The moment a person does that, the Bible says.  “Old things pass away and all things become new.”  Christ changes you on the inside, gives you a new nature, and makes you fit for heaven, he says, though your sins be as scarlet, I shall make them as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, I shall make them as wool.”

The same people that cried out on the crucifixion of our Lord, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him “It is not fit that such a man should live!”  On the day of Pentecost cried out “What shall  we do?” and Peter told them to receive Christ as their Savior from sin, and they did, and worshipped Him with all there might.  That is a change is it not?  Those who crucified Him, now receiving Him as Savior.  Those who hated Him now loving Him.  But this is the profound change that takes place in any heart, when Jesus Christ comes in.  He changes people so radically and completely that they are never the same again.   He turns hatred into love, sadness into joy and takes your sin from you and gives you his righteousness.  This is the change that must take place in your life and mine. And will take place the moment we personally accept Christ into our heart.

It’s a great life with Christ:  It’s a new life, its everlasting life.  It makes today important, tomorrow meaningful, and eternity a joy that will never end.

I say it’s time that you took Christ into your heart, and let Him change you!  Some of you have been thinking seriously about it for quite awhile.  Why not take the all important step today, now!  Christ will not only change your life, but one day He will lead you though he very gates of Heaven.

We are all God’s creatures by creation, but we only become God’s children by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior from sin.  What a marvelous change; from one of his creatures, to one of His children and that change can take place in today right no, by accepting Christ into your heart by Faith.  For we are told, as many as receive Him, to them He gave the power (the right) to become a child of God.”

 He’s Only a Prayer Away!

 Be Blessed,

 Pastor Bob