Are You Filled with The Spirit?

The most important thing in the life of any Christian is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This experience is not optional equipment in the Christian life, but a command of God – Ephesians 5:18.

What is the meaning? Being filled with the spirit is distinct from the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation. It is clear from scripture that a Christian may be genuinely saved without being filled with the Holy Spirit Luke 10: 20: John 13: 10; 15: 3.

The great evangelist of a generation past named RA Torrey wrote,
A person may be regenerated by the Holy Spirit and still not be filled with the Holy Spirit. In regeneration, there is an impartation of life, and the one who receives it is saved; in the fullness of the spirit there is an impartation of power, and the one who receives it is fitted for service. Not every believer has been filled with the Holy Spirit, though every believer may be … In a normal state of the church every believer should be filled with the Holy Spirit. In the fullness of the spirit, one is controlled by the spirit, directed by the spirit, and walks in the spirit.

What is the purpose? Jesus said to his disciples, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8, NKJV). The same power in which Jesus lived and performed his ministry (Luke 4:14; Acts 10: 38) is available to the believer. It is power from on high.

The function of the spirit is to fill a man with the power and courage which will enable him to triumphantly cope with life.
Do we need this kind of help? Yes, every day. We do so because we live in a sinful world, because we are opposed by the power of Satan. The Holy Spirit keeps us alert and, on our feet, when we would otherwise be lackadaisical. He enables us to pass the breaking point and not to quit but soldier on.
Jesus example. The supreme illustration of what it means to be filled with the spirit and submitted to God is Jesus Christ himself. Jesus came to the earth and died for the sins of the world. In so doing, he was willing to be what God chose him to be, willing to go where God chose him to go, willing to do, willing to say God chose him to say (Philippians 2:5-8).

A believer who desires to be filled with the spirit must have a similar attitude of submission and obedience.
The spirit filled life is the normal Christian life. Anything less is less than what God wants and provides for his children. The fullness of the Spirit is intended for all, needed by all and available to all.

Come and drink till you’re full!


Dr. Robert Bryant