Abortion, The Culture Of Death

Abortion is now one of America’s most common surgical procedures performed on adults. As many as one out of three women will have at least one abortion. In some American neighborhoods, the number of abortions far exceeds the number of live births.

Abortion which the Supreme Court legalized in 1973 [Roe versus Wade] is now almost 40 years old. In this forty-year generation 50 million innocent lives have been dispersed. This amounts to 3000 to 4000 babies aborted per day. These are human lives not mere statistics piled up in filing cabinets stacked away in some remote warehouse.

Thousands of Americans feel more strongly against abortion today than they did a generation ago due to the developments in ultrasound images and other technologies, which give unquestionable proof  that what is in the mother’s womb is not a blob, a mere tissue, but a living child.

The two irreconcilable positions are clear; on one side you have the pro-life position which holds that the unborn child has a right to live. On the other side you have the pro-choice position which claims that the woman has an unrestricted right of choice. The red line has been drawn and no compromise seems possible.

The use of unvarnished euphemisms, however, continues. Abortion rights activists speak of being pro-choice, not pro-abortion. The unborn child is reduced to a fetus, or a bundle of cells. Abortion clinics are described as women’s health centers. They like to say that abortion is not an act of termination because the fetus is not alive. They choose to depersonalize the fetus and say that it is only blood and tissue

Many pro-choice advocates feel that abortion is the one issue that makes women most powerful.The greater shame is that in a culture of death their view of abortion carries no shame.

Pro-life advocates take the oposite position and  say that it is a living child and its life should be preserved at all costs. If women really knew this the vast majority would decide to keep their babies and not abort them.

Regardless of the statistics of over fifty-million dead babies in one generation (forty-years) remains a part of our moral landscape and the titanic clash must continue on until Roe-Vs. – Wade is reversed.

That’s Something To Think About!

Pastor Bob