Today I would like to speak to you about the uniqueness of Jesus.  In His sermon on the mount, Jesus Christ boldly claimed, superiority, over all the Prophets and religious leaders, who preceded Him.  He claimed that he was greater than Solomon and Jonah and over the Temple.  He referred to Himself as the Good Shepherd, The Light of the World, the Bread of Life, and the Water of Life. 

First of all Jesus is unique, because His Birth was unique:  Since there is a baby born about every second, what was there about the birth of Jesus that compels men, even to this day, the world over, to celebrate His birthday, date their History, give presents, illuminate cities?  It is because Jesus lived before He was born.  He could say:  “Before Abraham was I am” He was born without a human Father, He was born of the Holy Ghost, He was born of a Virgin, He was born without sin, He was born for one supreme purpose:  To die for your sins and mine.  As one man said: “the cradle and the Cross were hewn from the same wood.”

Secondly, Jesus is unique, because His claims are unique.  He claimed to be the only way to God.  “I and my Father are one.”  “He that has seen me has seen the Father.”  He claimed to be able to forgive sin.  He claimed to have power over death.  I am He that lives and was dead, and behold I am alive forever more.”  Death was powerless to hold Him, He will lead us through the portals of death, into the glorious Light of Heaven.  Thirdly, Jesus is unique, because His character is unique. 

Thirdly Jesus is unique, because His character is unique.  He lived a sinless life.  “In Him is no sin” said Paul.  “He was tempted yet without sin” affirmed Peter.  He knew no sin” said Paul.  “He was tempted yet without sin said the writer of Hebrews.  Read the diaries of Godly men like Andrew Bonar or David Brainerd, and we read how they periodically confessed their faults and failures to God.  But no such confession ever fell from the lips of Jesus.  On the contrary, He said: “which of you convinces me of sin.” 

Confucius mourned:  “In letters I am perhaps the equal of other men:  but the character of the perfect man, carrying out in his conduct what he professes, is not what I have attained to.”  But Jesus never shed such a tear over His failures.  Even Judas had to say:  “I have betrayed innocent bloodthe thief on the cross gasped: “this Man has done nothing amiss” and the demons of Hell had to refer to Him as “The holy One of God.”

Different virtues were remarkably blended together in Jesus:  Even Pontus Pilate had to say, “Behold the Man.”  Jesus never spoke when it was wiser to be silent, and always spoke when truth was on the scaffold.  In most great men there is one outstanding virtue, which lifts them above their fellows.  Job was noted for his patience, Moses for his meekness, John for his love, but is Jesus there is no one outstanding virtue of grace.  He is altogether lovely.”

Oh yes, the birth, character, and claims of Jesus were unique indeed.  But equally so was His Death.  He was born to die.  To die for your sins ands mine.  And that is what makes Him unique, for He alone can take away our sins.  His death alone paid the price.     No man took his life from Him; He laid it down of His own accord.  “O come let us adore Him today.”  Let us bow in reverence before him and worship Him, and accept Him by Faith into our lives.  To many, Jesus Christ is just a common person.  They have a mere mental understanding of Him; He is the most unique Person that ever lived, for He lives in their heart as their Savior from sin.  And that is what Jesus wants to become to you today, the unique Christ, the unexcelled Christ, the most unique Person of all time and eternity, your Savior!  If you have not yet, personally, honestly, sincerely invite Christ into your heart:  Today, right now meet Him for yourself.  He’s waiting for you with His arms wide open.

He is Only a Prayer Away!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Bob