One mistake by a surgeon and someone can lose their life. One mistake by a lawyer and an innocent person can go to penitentiary for the rest of their life. One mistake by a pharmacist and both mother and child can lose their life. One mistake by a general and thousands of soldiers can lose their lives. While we all make mistakes, the biggest mistake any person can make is the mistake that they never make mistakes.  Yet this is the claim of Imams to their followers  regarding the Quran. No Mistakes!                                                                                                                                                                            Mohammed did not claim to do miracles as did the great prophets before them like Moses, Elijah, and Elisha.  But his followers do claim that he did perform one of the most formidable and astounding miracles you could ever behold with your eyes, hold in   your hands, feast your soul upon; it is a miracle sent down from heaven: the glorious Quran. Here is no miniature miracle. Here is a book breathed from the angel Gabriel’s lips into Mohammed’s ears. It was then  infallibly copied word for  word, sentence by sentence, without  dot or  dash missing. No book has rolled off of any  printing press here on eart5h  more perfect than this.  Here is a book that claims to be perfect  in every way,  Its beauty, style, clarity, originality, history, geography, science and astronomy, no human  author can equal this side of eternity (Surah 85:21-22; 10:15; 18:22).

Any mistakes! Not one! Eternal & unchangeable! As Allah himself who has preserved it and keeps it from all error even to this day (Surah 15:9).  This is a tall order for any book to live up to. Does the Quran come close to meeting its own high standard?                                                                                                                                                                                                      Imagine a batter  standing up in the batter’s box, but not totally focused. The strikeout pitch has crossed the plate at ninety miles per hour. He still has the bat on his shoulder. He’s confused. He is not sure what happened. But the Umpire is not confused. He knows exactly what happened. And  he says to the batter,  “Your Out!”  That is the way many  followers of Islam feel today.    Their Imams  have told them all their lives that the Quran is perfect in every way  but the umpires of higher criticism are saying, not even close, “Your Out!” Like a boxer  on the canvas floor who is  trying to rise to his feet, but he’s too dazed.  His legs won’t hold him, he falls across the ropes  and the referee waves his hands over him and says, “ Your Out!”                                                                                                                                                                                                         Many nominal followers of Islam today are just as  confused and  dazed as that right now. Many become  angry  when they   discover for themselves that  the claims of the Quran  do not hold up under honest scrutiny.  Any one can say a book is infallible. Many mathematical books, phone books are infallible. But a book infallible in all things,  this is a claim  only the most-high  God can make.  When we drill down deep into the depths of archaeology and history and geography and  redactive criticism, textual criticism, source criticism,   we find more heat than light in the Quran;  more of I said so,  than I know so.  There are so many holes in this bucket that by the time you pull it up out of the well to the surface its empty. Nothing much to quench your spiritual thirst on  here. Surely God  is more knowledgeable, and wiser than to give us a book filled with glaring errors.  Surely an all knowing God would not send such a book down to man.   I would  believe in the sunken Island of Atlantis or some lost utopia before I would   believe that the God of all truth would do such a horrendous thing.

There are many but here are a few examples:  The Quran and many Imams say   that iron came for outer space (Quran 57:25).   And this is a proof of its divine origin. The fact is that the  core of the earth is iron and pushes it up to the surface.  Also the Egyptians believed  iron came  from outer space via  meteorites long before Mohammed said so in  the seventh century.   There were iron mines in Egypt  way back in 3000 BC. They called  it metal from heaven because they too believed it came from meteoric sources.

For fifteen hundred years  the Imams of Islam made many such wild  claims  about the Quran. No body dare challenge their boast that the Quran is the greatest book ever written and God’s last revelation to humanity because in the intolerable Islamic culture  it meant the death penalty to dare critique one word, one syllable of  the Quran. But  here in the West where we have freedom of expression  fewer and fewer  Imams are making that audacious claim any more.

The thirty different Qurans  researchers have discovered to date contain   historical, geographical, and  scientific errors a-plenty.  They are  riddled  not with tens, not with hundreds but thousands of copyist errors.  These errors are not translational but theological, and  blatantly contrary to one another.  Statements that affect the confidence and peace of people’s  daily lives.  The riddle  is this;  which, if any,   of the thirty different Qurans is the exact copy of the one in heaven?  The odds of finding that out are as unlikely as throwing thirty dice up in the air and watching them all land on the number seven and doing it repeatedly  seventy times in a row. No right minded person would dare risk  the destiny of their  soul on such  senseless odds.

Here is another example,  The Quran  has Moses who  lived  in the 1400s BC talking to the Samaritans.  But the Samaritans  did not exist until seven hundred years later in the 700s BC.  That is equivalent to saying Christopher Columbus talked the President Donald Trump  over a slurpy  in the Oval office as they both enjoyed a Big Mac.  To believe such an anachronism  somebody would immediately  dial 911 and  the three guys in white suits  would be  coming after you (Surah 20:85-87, 95-97).

The Bible on the other hand has been run  through the fires of redactive criticism, the microscope of  textual criticism, the telescope of astronomy,  the sifting screens  of archaeology, and come out of  each  fiery furnace  as gold purified seven times.   On the other hand these same criticisms applied to the boasts of  Islam that the Quran does not contain one   mistake is like taking  fool‘s gold to the bank.  How sad, how bitter to think of so many honest seeking  people hoodwinked by its religious leaders,

May I encourage you to put your faith in the Bible which claims that Jesus Christ is God who stooped  down our level to save us from the penalty of our sins.  He died on a cross and rose from the dead to prove it.  He is coming back one day to rule and reign with those who repent of their sins and  surrender their love to him. I pray you will do that today.


Robert Bryant