Marvel Not.

 The greatest person who ever lived, Jesus Christ said this,” Marvel not that I say unto you, you must be born again.”

Every child comes into this world, wrapped in an atmosphere of wonder. The moment they open their eyes, this sense of wonder is upon them. And it never leaves them until they close their eyes on the greatest wonder of all, death.

Jesus says to us, Marvel not, or wonder not, do not be shocked at, astonished at what I say to you,” you must be born again.” You have been born physically, but now you must be born spiritually. You have been given earthly life, but I want to give you heavily life, eternal life, right now.

First of all, Marvel not, as if it were an unintelligible thing to be born again. Why, people are being born again, in some way or other everyday. For example, you may have a very strong opinion about something; no one can ever change your mind; you’re unshakable in your view. But one day you meet a good friend who in the course of conversation piles one fact upon another; you’re convinced he’s right. You changed your mind; you’ve been born again into a whole new world of ideas. And just as talking is converting people every day to new ideas, so Jesus Christ changes us or converts us spiritually when we surrender our lives to him.

“Marvel not,” as your mind may be changed by your friend, so your heart may be changed by repenting of your sins and turning your life over to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly, Marvel not as if it were impossible for you to be born again. Why God is the creator of all life, the giver of your life; the world is filled with his life. He gave to us our physical life; and can he not give to us spiritual life as well?

Why there is nothing impossible in being born again, any more than there is in being born at all. Your soul may be dead in trespasses and sins but God can give it eternal life, spiritual life, his life from above, the moment you surrender your life to him. Why did Jesus come into this world? He says, so that he can give us this eternal life; or as he also calls it, “life more abundantly.”

Thirdly,” Marvel not,” as if it were unnecessary. The fact that you and I must be born again is more than intelligible and possible, it is absolutely necessary if we are to make heaven our home. Jesus says, “Except a person is born again he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”

No one who knows the human heart or human history can Marvel or wonder at Jesus words,” you must be born again.” Government, philosophy, education, etc. have all tried it and failed because they cannot change the heart of men; only Jesus Christ living with and the human heart can do that.

We must be born again because God cannot allow anything that defiles into his heaven. The psalmist said,” Lord, who shall abide in your tabernacle, who shall dwell in your holy hill? He who has clean hands and a pure heart.”  There shall in no wise enter into heaven, anything that the defiles.

“Marvel not, that you must be born again.” Marvel not as if it were unintelligible, or impossible, or unnecessary. But Marvel, if you are, marvel, if you are not, marvel, that you may be today, by repenting of your sins, and turning to the Lord Jesus Christ and asking him to have mercy on your soul. The moment you do so, he will enter in your heart, and you will be born again.

He’s Only A Prayer Away!

Pastor Bob