This is my last article on Islam. Because it is fourteen pages I have divided it into two parts.
Section One

I have another dozen articles burning within me, but I find the subject too depressing to carry on. I have done my best, to be honest, and candid. I did not flatter or pander but like David, I had no intention of running from the lion but meeting him in his lair head-on. In my closing commentary, I have decided to give a summary of facts that I have gleaned from my reading of many books over many months. In it, I give a hundred + reasons why I could never embrace Islam. I love and pray for the good and decent people in it, but I loathe the bad religion itself.
Presently the Quran which is the cornerstone of Islam is being washed away by the rising flood tide of archaeology, literature, and scientific facts.

The Hadith which is a nine-volume commentary and is the backbone of Islam is in more trouble. The bright light of modern-day research is proving it to be as fictitious as Alice in Wonderland. That is why in the West where we are all free to honestly critique anything and anybody, millions, yes millions of Muslims are abandoning Islam like a sinking ship. My prayer is that they will search out Christianity that passes all the tests that Islam fails and turn to Jesus Christ as the only savior from sin.

• Like the Quran claims to be “The Mother of all Books. “Will they say he has forged it? Answer: Bring therefore a chapter unto it and call whom ye to your assistance besides Allah, if ye speak the truth.” (Quran 10:38; 2:23; 17:88; 38:29). For centuries Islamic teachers whom no one dare critique for fear of their life being taken from them made the idle boast to their followers that the Quran was superior to all other books outshining them all. But facts always prove to be greater than fiction. The Quran as a whole is not beautifully literate. It is boring to the bone; its rambling unconnected stories are hard to follow and 25% of it contains dark passages no one can understand. There are 220 obvious contradictions in the Quran. There is only one complete story in it and that is chapter twelve. While a few texts in the Quran are beautiful poetry none of it can be traced back to Mohammed but all of it back to Christian Syriac hymns from the 5th and 6th centuries, one to two centuries before the Quran even existed. The Quran is as original as a ventriloquist. Neither is modern-day science being kind to Islam. Its claims are proving to be as unstable as the shifting sands of the Arabian desert.

To have a convincing conclusion you must have a trail of facts behind you. So here are a few claims made by the Quran and Islamic scholars that prove Mohammed was a fake prophet. I have not put these factoids in chronological order and a few overlaps. Keep it in mind as you read them the Imams claim that the Quran on earth is a perfectly preserved copy of the word-for-word, dot-for-dot copy of the Quran in Heaven. Not one mistake it, no not one! Does the Quran meet that perfect standard? One torpedo through the hull sinks the entire ship.

For example, imagine a salesman trying to sell you a ten-gallon galvanized waterproof bucket. It’s shining under the lights; it’s pleasing to the eyes. He boasts to you that it is 100% leaf-proof. Instead of blindly believing him, you go to the side of the building and begin to fill the bucket with a hose. You want to put it to the test. One leak destroys his boast and proves him to be a liar. As the bucket begins to fill up you see water pouring out of a hole. You can’t believe your eyes. So much for a waterproof bucket. But as the water continues to rise in the bucket you see a dozen more leaking holes. You begin to laugh. The salesman is a hoax. He’s selling you a bucket of suds. As the ten-gallon bucket continues to fill up you see it has a dozen more holes in it. He’s lying to you like a son of Judas. Now you’re not laughing, you’re angry. He thinks you’re a gullible dupe.

So is one extant Quran compared to the other; full of gaping holes. There is no original perfectly preserved Quran, there never ever was one. No library on earth ever contained one. The twenty or more extant versions of the Quran contradict one another in a thousand ways. And I use the word thousand, not as hyperbole. Shockingly there are tens of thousands of contradictions between the twenty or more extant Qurans.

General Factoids about Islam:

• Islam has 73 different sects.
• Islam is morality without love.
• Islam means submission, not peace.
• Islam is a great temperance society.
• Islam is a religion of duty, not love.
• Islam is a prophet without miracles.
• Islam does not agree with the facts of history.
• Islam knows no personal relationship with God.
• Islam is a submission to a seventh-century prophet.
• Islam is to – do -Law; Christianity is – done – grace.

• Islam like Marxism was quickly advanced by the sword.
• Islam is far more worldly and political than Christianity.
• Islam’s two chief families are the Hashemites and Saudis.
• Islam does not agree with the separation of religion and state.
• Islam is by the persuasion of force and not by the force of persuasion.
• Islam is not a branch cut from the tree of the Judeo-Christian religion.
• Islam is a geopolitical, socioeconomic theocratic worldwide dictatorship.
• Islam is not a religion of peace if it wants to destroy Israel and Christianity.
• Islam even tells you how many stones to use to wipe your derriere (behind).
• Islam says sin is a mistake, not a violation of God’s holiness as in Christianity.
• Islam teaches that there are seven earths, and they are as flat as pancakes, and
that Allah speaks from the seventh heaven (cf. Surah 41:2; 65:12; 67:3).

• Like Allah does not appear to people.
• Like one-quarter of the world is Islamic.
• Like Allah was a Nabataean / Petra god.
• Like Islam denies the deity of Jesus Christ.
• Like in Islam Becca from Petra became Mecca.
• Like the power of Islam is its power to enforce.
• Like Mecca is mentioned only once in the Koran.
• Like in Islam God is not a father, nor a shepherd.
• Like Fatwa is a law pronounced by a Muslim cleric.
• Like in the Islamic paradise you will never see Allah.

• Like wife beating is permitted in Islam. (Quran 4:34).
• Like the Quran says that the earth is flat (Surah 88:20).
• Like the Bible never says that Abraham was in Mecca.
• Like Islam denies that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
• Like Allah is not a name; it is a title meaning “The God.”
• Like the Sunnis come from the same tribe as Mohammed.
• Like approximately 15% of Muslims do not follow the Quran.
• Like what Mohammed did is considered right for all Muslims.
• Like in Islam the Blackstone represents the presence of Allah.
• Like stopping living in the past, the Crusades ended 800 years ago.

• Like every ancient Quran manuscript has errors, no exceptions.
• Like There are one hundred- and fifty violent verses in the Quran.
• Like al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, Suicide Terrorists, and Jihad.
• Like it is OK to lie in Islam if it advances their cause (Quran 3:28).
• Like in Islam criticism of Muhammad and the Quran is forbidden.
• Like Allah is not an Arabic name it is a Nabatean name from Petra.
• Like there are 24 Arabic translations of the Quran other than Haf’s.
• Like in Islam slave girls could be used as prostitutes (Quran 25:33).
• Like Dante in his Inferno placed Mohammed in the 8th circle of hell.
• Like Mohammed had slaves before he died and so did his successors.

• Like the Quran says that Allah holds birds up in the air (Quran 16:79).
• Like the earliest complete Quran dates to the thirteenth century,1203.
• Like in Islam 100 lashes for adultery are only for women never for men.
• Like there are 140 sword verses in the Quran (Example, Sura 47: 406).
• Like some in Islam erroneously see the trinity as God – Mary and Jesus.
• Like Why is Mary the only woman mentioned in the Quran? (Surah 3:42)
• Like in the Quran there are fifty texts that tell believers to kill unbelievers.
• Like the Quran says that the sun orbits around the earth (Surah 36:38-40).
• Like Saudi Arabia has a higher divorce rate than many European countries.
• Like the sword of Mohammed is proudly displayed in a museum in Turkey.

• Like Mohammed said that yawning is from Satan (Sahih Bukhari 4:54;509).
• Like Islam did not start until sixty years after Mohammed’s death in AD 632.
• Like in Islam you do not have to keep your word to an infidel, a non-Muslim.
• Like in Pakistan it is a capital offense to criticize the Quran and Mohammed.
• Like why does the Quran not mention the father and mother of Mohammed?
• Like if it is true that Allah made Jesus’ virgin born, what purpose did it serve?
• Like King Ferdinand of Spain fought for 27 years to free Spain from Islam.
• Islam denies the trinity saying that “God has no partners” (Surah 4:171; 17:111).
• Like the closest plot to 9/11/ 2011 was the Guy Fox plot on 5th November 1605.
• Like the first three of the first four Caliphates were not martyred but murdered.

• Like if 911 had happened in India or Pakistan a river of blood would have flowed.
• Like Islam is a total way of life controlling your diet, dress, politics, and finances.
• Like the Bible does not say as does the Quran that Adam and Eve lived in Mecca.
• Like in Islam it is not Mohammed who inspires you; it is the beauty of the Quran.
• Like there are sixty-four fragments of the Quran and not one has all 114 chapters.
• Like Mohammed is said to have had six hundred visions which became the Quran.
• Like for every major belief of the Gospels you will find the exact opposite in the Quran.
• Like Islam is not prophesied about in the Old Testament as the last hope of the world.
• Like there is compelling evidence that Mohammed was not born in Mecca but in Petros.
• Like in Islam God is your master, you are his slave. In Christianity, you are a child of God.

• Like, the first verses of the Quran are found inscribed on the Dome of the Rock in 691 AD.
• Like the Quran says in Surah 2:183 that fasting is voluntary, But Surah 2: 184 says that it is
• Like except for the Copts in Egypt, Islam wiped out Christianity in North Africa by 1583 AD.
• Like Christians do not pray three or four or five times a day or towards any specific location.
• Like Psalm twenty-three which says, “the Lord is my Shepherd” cannot be found in the Quran.
• Like Islamists also read the Quran and memorize it to gain merit points on final judgment day.
• Like the Sermon of the Mount that tells us to love our neighbor cannot be found in the Quran.
• Like Islam calls Jews and Christians “the People of the Book” because of their reverence for it.
• Like Mohammed said, “If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the
drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has a cure (Sahih al Bukhari 454:537).
• Like in Islam you are a servant. But Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants but friends” (John

• Like in Islam you can have sex with a little girl before she reaches the age of puberty Surah 65:4.
• Like the question Christianity asks is, why cannot God become a man? There are many instances.
(theophanies) in scripture where he did so (Genesis 12:7-9; 18:1-33; m 32:22-30…).
• Like the Quran says to pray three times a day and the Hadith says to pray five times a day (Surah
11:114; Surat An-Nur 24:58).
• Like, there are 6,632 verses in the Quran and 109 of them call for violence and war (Quran 9:5,29).
• Like the Quran holds no mercy towards those who do not follow Allah (Quran 3L 110; 9:29, 48:29).
• Like the Quran gives three different accounts of creation. (1). Six days: Surah 7: 54; (2). Seven days: Surah 2:2; (3). Eight days: Surah 41:9-12.
• Like it is a contradiction to pray to Mohammed five times a day and say, “Peace be upon you O prophet,” when Mohammed is dead.
• Like the Quran says that Jesus is in the second heaven with John the Baptist, not in heaven with Allah.
• Like tribalism, group thinking and the fear to question is what stifle the independence of thought in Islam. They fail to understand that honest doubt is better than blind belief.
• Like there are 220 verses in the Quran that contradict each other. Example: Surah 2:106; 16:101, 225).

• Like Islam orders the death of those who speak out against it, Example: Sahih al Bukhari 4037 who bravely spoke dared to do so.
• Like the story is told of a Samaritan helping the Jews build the golden calf although there was no Samaria until eight-hundred years later.
• Like Mohammed reminds you of Lewis Carrol’s Queen of Hearts whom he describes as “a blind fury, and who was quick to give death sentences at even the slightest of offenses. Maximillian Robespierre during the French Revolution acted impetuously. When all else fails, the final solution was always the same, “off with their heads.”
• Like the Black Stone that every Muslim long to kiss was once white. But it turned black because of man’s sin. To kiss it is to receive forgiveness of sin. This is the essence of idolatry.
• Like Mohammed said that the reason babies cry when they are born is that Satan touches them (Sahih Bukhari 4:55:641).
• Like Mohammed thought that the virgin Mary was the sister of Aaron the brother of Moses (Surah 3: 35-36; 19:27-28; 66:12).
• Like the Quran says that Christians and Jews are going to heaven (Surah 2:62) and says the opposite in Surah 3:85; and 9:30.
• Like was Mohammed a pedophile who at age fifty-four married a prepubescent girl at the age of six and had sex with her at age nine when she was still playing with dolls.
• Like Islam teaches that the shedding of your blood in Jihad (holy war) earns you the forgiveness of sins (Quran 61:10; 9:111).

• Like Mohammed had an adopted son named Zaid who was married to a beautiful wife named Alisha Mohammed saw no moral shame in having his adopted son divorce her so he could marry her. He vainly tries to justify this action in Surah 33:37. Why did Allah not condemn him for this lustful act so totally contrary to the story of David and Bathsheba (Surah 33:4-5; 33:37).
• Like the Quran denies the trinity and the death of Christ on the cross and his resurrection three days later (Quran 1:16; 4:17, 157).

• Like Islam is a religion of force and not persuasion. Its goal is to conquer the world by force when they feel the time is ripe.
• Like Mohammed was called the “Ear” because he believed all the folklore stories he heard and had some of them placed in the Quran.
• Like why is not the first eternally preserved Quran and a thousand 7th-century copies from it enshrined in vacuum-sealed glass cases in public museums all over the Middle East for us all to see? There was no persecution; they were protected by the Caliphs, who had tons of money to do hire a thousand copyists.
• Like the Haf translation of the Quran is what 95% of Islam accepts as the infallible Quran, Yet it was not canonized until 1985. Many of us are older than this eternal Quran.
• Like why Allah didn’t save Mohammed from a horrible death when allegedly saved Jesus from the horrible death of the cross?
• Like the Quran makes the claim that it is easy to understand, but this is not so; it is a hard read. It is full of incomplete thoughts; some verses are so unclear even Muslim scholars do not agree with their interpretation (Quran 3:7; 11:1; 12:1; 24:6; 26:2; 217:1; 28:2; 57:9)
• Like there are twelve verses in the Quran that say neither the Torah nor the Gospels have been corrupted, yet many Muslims have been told that it has been corrupted by the Apostle Paul and others (Quran 3:3-4, 43-48, 64-65; 5:46-47, 65-68, 109-110; 7:157; 9:111; 48:29; 57:27).

• Like the story of Hagar and her young child Ishmael discovering a well in Mecca does not make sense when the Quran says that Abraham already lived there (not in Paran as the Bible says, Genesis 21: 9-21). Mecca according to Islam was already an advanced civilization in the time of Hagar and Ishmael. If it were the world’s first and greatest civilization with thousands of people permanently living there, there would have to be a score of wells already there. The amazing well we are told was nine-hundred feet from the Kaaba. No water no people, no people no civilization.

• Like the Zamzam well is not a miracle. It does not have healing waters; it is not an inexhaustible well of the purest water. It does not supply water to all of Mecca. (Why all the pipes?) It is impossible for a well that produces only nineteen liters of water per second to do so. It takes fifty-one Olympic-sized swimming pools to supply water for the two million people who live there permanently and double that during the Hajj when two-million more pilgrims live there. To say the Zamzam well has been a continual flowing spring of purest healing water is to bastardize history. You can pull official pages down from the internet showing that thousands of pilgrims died drinking from it in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was not until twenty-seven pumping stations pulled water from the Red Sea, purified it, added a pleasant taste to it, stored it in tanks, and trucked it into the city that it became healthy to drink. These massive salinization plants were built by engineers from the USA and Canada which supply over 90% of pure water to Mecca. There is nothing miraculous about Zamzam at all. It has been converted into a money-making machine.

• Like is Mohammed a moral example to follow when he bought and sold slaves like chattel, became a warlord who plundered some twenty-seven caravans, killed innocent traders, demanded 1/5th of the total booty, killed many Jews and others who would not accept him as a messiah, and at age fifty-three married and mounted a nine-year-old girl and stole his sons-in-law wife, even though at the time he had nine-eleven wives (Quran 9:49). Certainly, he could not say as did the Apostle Paul, “Therefore, I beseech you, imitate me” (I Corinthians 4:16); And certainly not Jesus who could say to his enemies, “ Which of you convicts Me of sin?” ( John 8:46)

• Like Mohammed the prophet thought Abraham and Solomon lived forty years apart when they live over one thousand years apart. That is equivalent to having Charlemagne shaking hands with President George Washington.
• Like Islamists make seven circles around the Kaaba because that is what pagans did to worship the seven planets that circle the earth. Others think it was borrowed from the Jews who under Joshua’s leadership marched around Jericho seven times before God flattened it. Regardless, it was a borrowed not an original practice.
• Like then Quran Says that Jesus was not crucified, but that someone who looked like him was killed in his place. It says this six-hundred years after the fact by people who were not witnesses and had plenty of reasons to lie. The irrefutable fact is that the Jewish leaders, Roman authorities, apostles, and thousands of others were convinced otherwise, and recorded it into Biblical and Church history.
• Like Mohammed did not descend from the prophetic line of Abraham. He descended from Ishmael whom God rejected as an heir (Genesis 17: 18-21; Quran 29:27).
• Like Pascal’s Pensées written from various scraps of paper collected after he died a premature death at age thirty-nine, so was the Quran.

• Like in religious books such as the Analects of the Confucians, the Tripitaka of the Buddhists, the Kojiki of the Shintos, and the Book of Mormon there are some good morals that can be found.
•Like the Quran says to pray three times a day and the Hadith says to pray five times a day (Surah 11:114; Surat An-Nur 24:58).
• Like some ask the question: Where did Jesus say I am God? Answer: Anyone can say I am God but cannot prove it. Jesus proved it every time he accepted worship and forgave sin. He proved it when he raised the dead and raised himself from the dead (John 2:19, 11:25; Matthew 8:2, 28:17; Philippians 2:10).

Continued in the next blog.

Robert Bryant

Robert Bryant