God Is Still Good

Amid life’s uncertainties and the problems, we face in the world today, we as Christians must decide to keep our trust and our faith in God and his Word. When things go wrong in life, what do we do, and to whom do we turn? What is our standard? Do we admit defeat and quit, or do we press on in our Christian walk and remain faithful to God? These are questions that many don’t want to deal with and that some refuse to face because these issues involve maintaining faith in God through the hardships of life.
Problems, tests, trials, and disappointments in life are real facts, but a strong faith in God is the answer to every one of life’s difficulties. We must realize that God has not promised us that we would never face a test or trial. But he has promised us that he would never leave us and that he would cause us to triumph because he has overcome the world (John 16:33].
The answer to life’s problems is not to hide our heads in the sand, hoping the problems will go away. Nor is the answer to questioning our faith in God. We must instead do as the Bible exhorts: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not and to your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).
Many have faced adversity in life, yet they maintained their faith in God. If you were to talk to some of these people, you would find that they are stalwart men and women of God today; because of the adversity, because they chose to persevere through it all. With their eyes fixed on Jesus, they came through the storm and discovered once again the calm that awaited them on the other side.
The ocean of life may not always be as smooth as glass. But through faith in God, we always have an anchor of hope to steady us and keep us on course. So, when the storms of life assail, and everything is going wrong, ask yourself, “Is God still good? Or is he only good when things are going smoothly? Purpose in your heart that the unchanging God is Good all the time ~ when times are good and when times are difficult. In all places and under all circumstances, God is still Good!
It’s during challenging times that we need to dig our heels in the ground and make the decision, “I cannot be defeated, and I will not quit! “It’s a decision that each of us must make. We can allow the situations and circumstances of life to either bring us closer to God ~ to a place of confidence and certainty in him ~ or drive us further away into the uncertainty and suffering of the world.
If you have been discouraged or have wavered in your faith, I encourage you to pick up the pieces of your disappointments and failures and make the decision to go on with God. Stand stronger on his Word than you ever have before! Rise up to your full stature in Christ in and be more determined than ever that capital Victory belongs to you! The choice is yours…